Vizcarra Pharmaceuticals is also committed to society through the distribution of vaccines and immunoglobins to those in need to protect them from infectious diseases. It has also worked directly with foundations that help the plight of patients in securing life-saving pharmaceutical products. Beyond product and pharmaceutical supply, Vizcarra Pharmaceuticals also extends help to the bright and in-need through yearly scholarships at a top Philippine University's college of medicine.


                                 As inspired by Segundina Cornejo Vizcarra, our core values are to:

Honorably serve customers

Observe honesty and integrity in all aspects of business

Show the same respect to all individuals regardless of one's position in life

Work hard and be determined


 Vizcarra Pharmaceuticals vows to pursue a mission that will render quality, cost-effective products, and services easily accessible to the Filipino people. 

We envision products essential to one's health are made available at the least cost especially to those who have less in life.




Francisco P. Sales

Atty. Philip Zachary Amalingan Nazareno

Maria Victoria Segundina Nazareno-Miranda



Francisco P. Sales – President/CEO

Susan Thesolie C. Simon, M.D. - Medical Director 

Elizabeth Tan - Tin, M.D. - VDC, Chief of Clinics

Mildred Magno – Finance Director

Philip Z. A. Nazareno – Corporate Affairs Director

Ma. Victoria Segundina Nazareno - Miranda – Marketing and Communications Director






















Vizcarra Pharmaceutical has exclusive marketing and distribution agreements in the Philippines with international pharmaceutical companies among which include Green Cross Corporation, Berna Biotech, Panacea Biotec, Il Dong, Dong Kwang, Innopath, Labo Cosprophar, Vabiotech and Pharmacosmos and MG Co. Ltd.



It is also affiiated with family-owned corporations that are in their own respective businesses: S.C. Vizcarra, an award-winning manufacturer and exporter of woven products; and the Amalingan Development Corporation, a holding company for real estate properties for development and /or investment purposes. Other five corporations also serve as holding realty corporations.








Whether Vizcarra Pharmaceutical deals with

customers and/or partners,

our thrust is to build a long-lasting relationship. We also feel the same way with our employees.


If you would like to grow with Vizcarra Pharmaceuticals, send us your CV and cover letter to