About us

Our Story

Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc. would not be here today without the drive and passion of one woman named Segundina Cornejo Vizcarra-Amalingan. Vizcarra-Amalingan was raised in poverty but was fiercely determined to create a better future for herself and her family. She worked hard but never compromised on serving customers the very best quality products, and remained kind and compassionate towards all kinds of people, no matter what their background is. 

When she passed away from Hepatitis B in 1985, her heirs wanted to honor her legacy of excellence and care through Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc. Decades after her passing, Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc. continues to operate with Vizcarra-Amalingan's values of honesty, integrity, service, and social responsibility.

 “Caring for your future, thinking of your family”

Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc. started in 1988 with the distribution of Hepatitis B vaccines around the Philippines. The company later expanded to include other vaccines and blood derivative products.

 Vizcarra Pharmaceutical's product lines consist of mainly seven (7) vaccines products, five (5) blood derivative products, four (4) consumer health products, three (3) cosmetic product lines, two (2) IV/IM products and one (1) medical device. The Vizcarra Diagnostic Center (VDC) was also established to promote vaccination of Filipinos and to ensure that they are medically fit for local and overseas employment.

The company has a 3-point distribution network in the Philippines, designed to serve the product requirements of more than 4,000 medical practitioners, of all major hospitals, and of key strategic drug outlets throughout the country. Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc. also works with marketing personnel who are trained to meet the changing priorities and needs of customers, including their demand for product delivery in less than 24 hours from order placement.